Here We Stupid Again

Proving once again how we all need to make way for intolerance is this little bit of sunshine. That’s right boys and girls apparently even the disabled and ADA must make way for religious intolerance. I would like to point out that had the person making the threat gone to a different church (or been born here) he would have been spread eagle on the ground with a knee on the back of his neck with a bunch of SWAT officers pointing automatic boomsticks at him for even thinking of uttering a threat in a school.

I would like to recommend that ‘mr i don’tlike dogs’ go back to Somalia if he doesn’t like the way things are here in the good ole US of A. I’m not in favor of all the action being taken against students for merely speaking, but if you are going to prosecute them, then this jerk needs it also. I don’t really care that he doesn’t like dogs or even that he threatened to kill this one, because words do not equal action. A fact that seems to elude some overzealous school administrators and law enforcement officers. What burns me up is the fact that intolerance on the part of guests in this country created an atmosphere where a citizen did not feel safe, and then we get the old multiculture diversity and understanding line. “I think this is part of the growth process when we become more diverse,” Steffens said.Its crap. What happened is that you pc jerks as usual capitulated to the one who threatened violence.

 On a separate note:

Why is it that the muslim answer to everything always seems to be destruction and death? If if went around threatening to kill or calling for the destruction of everything I don’t like I would be in jail. Maybe I’m just too easy going.


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