Accepting Applications From Everyone But Common Sense And Justice

I guess that my criminal justice professors are all right wing fascists. I was taught that illegal means that something is against the law and not to be done without risk of penalty. I was also taught that assisting someone in performing an illegal act makes you guilty as well. Furthermore, I was taught that the job of law enforcement was to do just that enforce the law, and also to educate people so that they can follow the law.  Apparently that is not the case in North Carolina or anywhere in America. North Carolina community colleges are accepting illegal immigrants with the blessing of the Department of Homeland Security and ICE. I was under the mistaken impression that when you were here illegally you were not eligible for things related to taxpayer money or government because you would be arrested and deported when it was discovered you were breaking the law. I was also under the mistaken impression that Homeland Security was supposed to try to secure the homeland. Guess I was wrong.


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