If At First You Don’t Succeed…..

If at first you don’t succeed in trampling the rights of citizens and destroying the Constitution, do like mike bloomberg, and encourage frivolous lawsuits. Since when does a city get to sue a business in another state for violating federal law. Isn’t that why we have the US Attorney General and all those agencies with abbreviated names? Even if Adventure Outdoors ( If you are going to buy one anyway might as well spend some cash to piss of Bloomy) were breaking federal law, there is no way that it falls into the jurisdiction of the sewer city of new york. I guarantee you that if Adventure Outdoors was breaking any laws the ATF would have shut them down a long time ago (they shut down a lot of stores for way less serious violations than this). Which means that this lawsuit is just a way for bloomberg to bypass the system and try to prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their God given, constitutionally guaranteed rights. If he can’t stop the gun industry then he will sue your local, limited resource gun store out of business. The fact that Judge Weinstein is even hearing this case is criminal.


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