Gun Safety, Ur Doing It Wrong

A Utah police chief managed to violate rules number 2 and 3 of safe gun handling when he shot himself in the ankle during a training session he was teaching. Courtesy of KUTV.

RIVERDALE, Utah (AP) The police chief in Riverdale accidentally shot himself in an ankle while demonstrating how to dislodge a jammed handgun.

Chief Dave Hansen was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden for surgery.

The 54-year-old chief accidentally fired a gun during a training exercise inside a conference room at Riverdale police headquarters.

A fire captain and Riverdale Mayor Bruce Burrows confirmed the chief shot himself Saturday in an ankle bone. They said he was trying to fix a gun with a jammed round when the bullet fired.

Sure hope the students in the class don’t retain this technique.

The article goes on to say that Riverdale PD carries .40 caliber pistols and has a picture of a revolver at the top of the page. If it had been a citizen it probably would have been an assault pistol and picture of an AK. On the bright side, he only has himself to blame, wonder if he will give himself a reprimand.


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