Why Didn’t I Think of That

Apparently there are folks out there who are a lot more enterprising than me. This was reported by NBC5i.com in Fort Worth.

Police: Man Attempts To Cash $360 Billion Check

FORT WORTH, Texas – Fort Worth police arrested a Crowley man accused of trying to cash a stolen check for billions of dollars. Police said Charles Ray Fuller, 21, tried to cash the check at a Chase Bank, but the teller did a double take after noticing the check was for $360 billion.  

That’s right people a 36 with 10 zeros behind it. The story reports that Fuller stole the check from his girlfriend’s mother who had this response.

Laird said if her family had $360 billion, “I wouldn’t be sitting here. I’d be somewhere drinking margaritas. It’s five o’clock somewhere, sometime.”

 The defendant was also found to be in possession of a handgun and marihuana. Which kind of helps to explain how he came up with his brilliant plan.



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