For a good time….

For a good time I encourage everyone to attend Larry Joe Taylor’s Annual Texas Music Festival and Chili Cookoff in Stephenville, Texas. This past weekend was the 20th annual and the wife and I had a terrific time. The music was terrific and we got to see some friends that we haven’t seen in too long. Some of our friends who live in the area let us stay with them in their camper and we really appreciated that. It was nice to have ac at night instead of bugs and sweat, guess I’m getting soft. We ate to much as usual, but the wife can’t pass up a funnel cake stand. My two favorite performers were Davin James and Ray Wylie Hubbard as usual.

We got to the festival on Friday evening and all of our friends were already there and set up. We fried fish on Saturday and Davin stopped by after his set so that was kind of cool. The weather was great until it started pouring rain around midnight on Saturday. The rain started about 30 minutes after the music ended so no big deal. We extended the awning on the camper and continued to visit and have a generally spiffy time. Getting out Sunday was a little tricky, almost got stuck in the mud a couple of times, but made it ok.

If anybody is not familiar with Texas music and would like a taste, I highly recomend listening to Mandatory FM. The station is owned by our friends Pam and John who are really great people who support live music.


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