We’re Still Number One

Saturday, 31 May, 08

This is a Patriots Journey post.

This post will be brief because I was out of town most of the day.

The United States of America is still the bastion of freedom for the world. Nothing has happened in the last 100 years to change that. Examining the world map mounted on my office wall shows that there are no other countries in the world that come even close to our level of freedom. The only freedom available to Europeans is the right to die at the hands of Muslim’s who have taken offense at some triviality. Europeans are unable to defend themselves or demand protection from their governments because they long ago returned themselves to the status of serf to ensure social medicine and pensions. South America along with Mexico is run by drug cartels, and the only country to try to remove itself from the grasp of drug money, Columbia, seems to have offended the DNC somehow and will not be allowed further aid from us unless they allow Hugo Chavez to take over the country. Africa is just a mess. There is no country there that is safe for democracy. Asia appears to be stuck in the collectivism of the last century with no end in site. America at this point is the free world. Despite the gradual decline in our rights, we still have more freedoms than most people have ever dreamed of.



Lucky Me

Saturday, 31 May, 08

Posting will be non-existent until late this evening. The in-laws are taking us to Cabela’s.

Common Ground

Friday, 30 May, 08

This is a Patriots Journey post.

I enjoy good live music. The wife and I don’t get to as many concerts and festivals as we used to, but we still make a few. One of the things that has always amazed me is how folks of all backgrounds and beliefs can get together and enjoy good music. It isn’t always as obvious at small bars or single band concerts, but attend a big outdoor concert and you will see what I mean. It always makes me proud to see people who would normally not even speak to each other, able to come together as Americans. This is one of the few things that gives me hope for the future of our country, the fact that we can still find some common ground. At a concert we have something that we can discuss as Americans without the divisiveness of politics or religion. Once the show is over we go our separate ways, but for that brief period we are just people enjoying music. 

Artist Of The Week

Friday, 30 May, 08

I almost forgot, well the week is almost gone, so I guess I did forget. Being off on Monday kind of throws me off schedule, but I would rather be off schedule than work on Mondays.

Jason Boland and the Stragglers 

These guys have an old country sound combined with a little rock and roll. They are a really good band despite being from Oklahoma. (just kidding)

Sucking It Up

Friday, 30 May, 08

I have been debating about posting that I will be supporting Ron Paul in November due to McCain’s left leaning voting, especially including campaign finance reform and his new found love of going green.  I have been conflicted about this for three reasons. The first is that I really wanted to be voting for Fred Thompson, but he just took my money and left me feeling violated. The second is that I am not that crazy about Dr No either, but he at least seems fiscally responsible and not open to becoming a puppet for the Goreacle. Finally, I don’t want to vote for someone that doesn’t make me sick only to find that I have helped elect someone who will let the entire world use us like a prison bitch. I found a great post over at Rachel Lucas that pretty much clinched a vote for McCain from me and mine. She sums it up when she says that we just have to suck it up and vote McCain to keep some one far worse from the oval orifice. Yes, it sucks, but that is pretty much what we have been doing for the last 16 years anyway. There is no point in getting pissy now and risking the country really getting reamed. As bad as McCain is, we could do a lot worse. B. Hussein Obama is the HK of politicians, we suck and he hates us. So as much as I don’t want to, I will be following MadOgre’s lead and voting for McCain, even though I don’t like it one damn bit.

Man, I Suck

Friday, 30 May, 08

Finally made it to the range yesterday evening. In addition to the sights being off a little to the left on my primary carry gun, I need more practice. I shot at about 20 yards and decently enough to qualify for most le agencies, but did not have any good groups. Apparently Thursday has just become range day.

That is going to make Thursday evenings just really awful. I go feed the dogs at the local animal shelter and then launch lead downrange. I might have to throw in a cold beer and John Wayne movie after that just to make it the perfect evening. Makes me feel better just thinking about it.  

Friday Experiment

Friday, 30 May, 08

Don’t forget to check out View From the Porch, Better and Better, Lawdog, Ambulance Driver, Munchkin Wrangler, and the Atomic Nerds.

They are trying their Friday blog experiment. It should be a good read as usual.

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